A little lost in translation…

So the end of day 1 comes to a much needed close. Since 3:30am on March 16th I have done a little too much traveling and not nearly enough sleeping. However, all things considered, the trip itself went very smoothly. The only truly stressful incident was in actually right at the beginning of my journey, going through customs in the Halifax airport. I arrived 2 hours before my flight was supposed to leave, said goodbye to my loving boyfriend who was kind enough to see me off at 4am, and headed through security. Just as I was retrieving my carry-on bags on the other side of the screening area, I realized that the entire lineup had come to a standstill. Apparently there was something going on up at the front with the custom agents, and the security agents assured us that things would start moving again soon. However, all that mattered to me was the fact that my flight was leaving in an hour and I was stuck in line with a bunch of tired, grumpy Americans. I made it through just in the nick of time and was one of the last people to board my plane. Luckily, the flight attendants had come down to customs to retrieve all the stranded passengers and move us through to the front of the line. So if that’s the worst I have to deal with, then that’s fine by me.

There were representatives from Waseda University waiting at the gate when I arrived in Narita Airport, and they took a group of us students to our residences via a 2-hour bus ride. So after arriving at the Waseda Residence, I was certainly feeling a little lost in translation. Internet was still a bit of an issue since I didn’t have the proper cable to connect to the port in my room, and the wifi password was MIA. I was informed that I’d have to wait until morning to get the women at the front desk to help me. So once I realized that connecting to the online world wasn’t going to be possible for me for at least another 12 hours, I moved on to my next two priorities: shower and food. Luckily the bathrooms here are clean and fairly large, and there’s a 7Eleven right around the corner. My dinner consisted of a package of pre-cooked edamame (soybeans) and a sapporo beer (I mean, it is St. Patty’s Day after all). I also purchased a banana and a rice cake for the next day. After that I relaxed with some tv before bed, leaving my room in quite the state of disarray.


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